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Master Coaching (2012) -- How Does It Work (U6-U7)?

Meet James and Alex

Master Coaches for U6, U7 and U8 programs | http://www.westseattlesoccer.org/UKISC_Coaches

Teams meet with MCO coaches

Coaches describe the activity

Coaches demonstrate

Team coaches run through the activity

Team players give it a try!

Players learn skills while competing

Teams gather when training is completed

MCO coaches recap what was learned

Up to 10 teams go through training at once

Training occurs on south end of Madison MS field

Games follow training

After training is complete, teams play games on north end of Madison field

Introducing Master Coaching - Fall 2014

Master coaching -- player and coach development (U-6 to U-7)

The West Seattle Soccer Club (WSSC) is partnering with Master Coach Online (MCO) to provide an age and competence appropriate program for our entry-level (U-6 to U-7) players and coaches. Based upon the latest United State Soccer Federation (USSF) curriculum, players and coaches will be guided through an age and competence appropriate program that enables us to "coach the players and teach the coaches."

"Coaching Players - Teaching Coaches"

This side-by-side student-teacher methodology will enable volunteer coaches to learn the age-appropriate technical, tactical, physical, mental and emotional requirements for teaching soccer to young players. This beneficial partnership between professional staff coaches and volunteers will enhance the performance of the coach on the player's and in return, impacts the player's performance in the game.

Introducing the "practice - play" format

Coaches and their teams participate in a practice session led by two MCO coaches. Once the practice session concludes, the team moves to the game fields for weekly games (in the case of U-8 teams, the games are informal). Here is an overview of how it works for each age group (and keep scrolling for SESSION PLANS and program FAQs).

U-6 & U-7
Players and Coaches
Begins Sunday, Sept. 14th

Master Coach training:

  • Sundays, between 1:00pm and 5:15 pm.
  • Train and Play Sessions begin at 1:00pm, 2:30pm, or 4:00pm.
  • 8-Week Program Starts September 14th
  • Program Ends November 2nd
  • See BonziTeam for Schedules
  • Weekly curriculum -- scroll down page

Game Schedules:

  • U-06 and U-07 train and play sessions are scheduled on Sundays
  • Season schedules will be posted by September 1st

10-12 teams praticipate in a professionally facitliated 35-minute training session, then play a 35-minute match (2 16-minute halves with a 3-minute halftime). Total time commitment is 1 hour, 10 minutes.

  • Games are 16 minute halves with 3 minute halftime
  • Madison Session 1 (12 U-6 teams): 1:00pm
  • Madison Session 2 (10 U-6 teams): 2:30pm
  • Madison Session 3 (12 U-7 teams): 4:00pm
  • Roxhill Session 1 (10 U-7 teams): 1:00pm
  • Roxhill Session 2 (10 U-7 teams): 2:30pm

Madison MS, 3429 45th Ave, SW, Seattle

  • View Field layout

Roxhill-South, SW Roxbury Street and 30th Ave SW

  • View Field layout
Curriculum / Session

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we changing?

  • Feedback! Coaches reaching out for more help, players seeking higher competency
  • Players abilities surpassing the experience/guidance of the coach
  • We believe this is an effective way to provide soccer education
  • Take the pressure off the volunteer coach
  • Good of the game

What will WSSC provide?

  • Master Coach. On field support for the duration of the season
  • Weekly session plans.
  • Age appropriate season-long curriculum

Can U-6 and U-7 coaches choose to have additional team practices during the week?

  • Yes. Madison MS field is reserved Monday - Friday, 5pm to dusk for optional team practices. We also have Roxhill South reserved Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, 5pm to dusk.
  • View practice field reservation schedule on the Coaches Corner page.

When will training schedules be posted?

  • U-6 and U-7: schedules will be posted at least one week prior to the start of training.

When are games held?

  • U-6 and U-7: games follow training and are held on Sundays. First game is Sept. 14.

How can coaches learn more?

  • Attend the Coed U-6 & U-7 Coaches meeting on Thursday, August 21, 7-8:30pm at Grace Church, 10323 28th Ave SW, Seattle.
  • Questions or concerns can be directed to wsscboard@gmail.com

View the Programs page to learn more about the Coed U-6 & U-7, and U-8 age group programs.

Master Coaching Online (MCO)

The WSSC is proud to partner with our friends at Master Coaching Online (MCO) to provide player and coaching development.

Initial Stage Curriculum (5-8 years old)

At this age children do not have the same capacity as adults to analyze the environment. They explore and have an egocentric conception of the world.

Children are still gathering the experience necessary to interact with their surroundings and with others. Also, empathy and the capacity to consider the thoughts and feelings of others are very low. In order to help children build their own experience, many exercises will be individual (e.g. each player will have a ball). The tactical component of the game will be reduced to small-sided games with basic explanations about space distribution. Training sessions will be treated more as physical education than specifically as soccer training.

Check out the USSF Full Curriculum - http://tinyurl.com/USSF-Full-Curriculum