SSUL Fall 2017

Most WSSC teams U-13 and above -- and some of our U-12 teams -- will be participating in the South Sound United League (SSUL) Fall 2017.

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Note: In Fall 2016, HSA teams (including WSSC) switched from the Seattle Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) league to the SSUL. If the SSUL does not provide adequate competition for our teams, the WSSC board will enter teams in other leagues.

SYSA League Intertie - Fall 2013

New League Partnership for Fall 2013

Most WSSC teams U-12 and above and some U-11 teams will be participating in a new league this fall thanks to a League Intertie Agreement that has been reached between the Seattle Youth Soccer Assocition (SYSA) and the West Seattle Soccer Club. The League Intertie Agreement will reduce burdensome travel requirements for WSSC teams that have traditionally been compelled to participate in the District 3 League to find adequate like competition. SYSA is the largest recreational soccer program in the State and one of the biggest in the nation with over 13,000 players participating. Please watch the short video below to learn more about the League Intertie Agreement.

Match Days in SYSA by Age Group

2013 Fall Soccer Game Days By Age
U-12 and Older Teams

These are the preliminary days that each age group is expected to play on. Because the large number of teams in these association leagues would be greater than the available fields on any one day, different game days are designated for each age and gender. The following chart shows which ages and genders play on which days of the week.

Recreational Teams Play Games On (Preliminary)
Boys and girls U12, U14 Sundays
Boys and Girls U13, U15 Saturdays
Boys and Girls U16 Saturdays
Girls U17, U18 and U19 Sundays
Boys U-17, U18, U19 Saturdays

SYSA Match Schedules will be posted HERE

Click HERE to download the SYSA Rules of Competition

SYSA Scores and Standings

Reporting a Game Score, or a Correction for an Inaccurate Score
If there were no referees at your game, or the score posted in the standings is wrong, please follow these steps.

1. Send an email to
2. Put "Game Score Report" in the subject line.
3. In the body of the email, you must include these facts so the score can be accurately recorded or changed:
-- Date of the Game
-- Game Field
-- Start Time of the Game
-- Gender of Players
-- Age Level
-- Home Team, including club
-- Away Team, including club
-- Correct Score

Please allow a few days for the correct score to be recorded. Thanks!

You may also call in to report a score. Leave a message at 206-274-1318, using the same details listed above.

Rec Standings Point System
Here's how the point system in the standings works. A win is awarded 3 points, a tie 1 point, and a loss is 0 points. There is no goal differential used in the league standings.Teams tied in points at the end of the season are awarded the jointly finish place. (For example, if the top team has 30 points, and the next two teams each have 25, the tied teams would both be given second place awards.) There is no reason to run up scores in any game and no huge reason to worry if the reported score is off a bit, since the points for win, loss, or tie are not affected.

SYSA Rec League Standings are being hosted in conjunction with the Seattle Soccer Referees Association on their web site. SYSA thanks them for their cooperation in this joint project

WSSC and SYSA League Intertie Proposal
Seattle Youth Soccer Fields

Here's a speedy link to the soccer fields used SYSA



League Intertie

The WSSC participated in the SYSA league under a league intertie from Fall 2013 to Fall 2015. The intertie continues, but most older WSSC teams are now entered in the SSUL. 

SYSA Information

Learn more about the Seattle Youth Soccer Association (SYSA)