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Please become a Double-Goal Coach!

Hi WSSC Coaches and Volunteers,

I've let a few weeks go by since the Fall Coaches Meeting in July, but I'm writing to remind you that we have partnered with the Positive Coach Alliance (PCA) to bring their nationally recognized Double-Goal Coach Certification program to the WSSC. We want EVERY Coach in our Club to complete the course because we believe it will be of great value to you, and because we believe the course will foster a profoundly positive impact on the players and families we serve.

PCA says that the course takes about an hour to complete. Frankly, it took me much longer chiefly because I found the material so compelling. I took the extra time to read through all of the materials and to think seriously about how I would put the tools and training to use. You do not have to finish the course in one setting, and you will have an opportunity to print or download all of the resources upon completion of the course.

PLEASE register and commit to complete the course NOW to assure that your team get's off to a positive start! Go to:
During registration you will be asked to provide the following voucher code: WestSeattleSoccer7 The code is case sensitive, so be sure to enter it exactly as it appears above.

We've created a PCA page on our website: , and we intend to publish the names of each Coach and Volunteer that completes the course so our membership can thank you for your commitment to create the best possible youth sports experience. Coaches that complete the course by August 31st will be entered into a drawing to win Sounders Tickets and other terrific prizes donated by our vendor partners.

Here are a few endorsements from WSSC Coaches that just completed the program:

  • Shane Doig - Head Coach of BU09 WS Eagles and Assistant Coach of the BU11. Coach Doig comments "The course was very useful. Coaching can be difficult at times and the course provided me with some tools to use during difficult situations. We always need the reminder that our actions on the sideline are seen by all in attendance and that we need to stay positive and encouraging. The course gave me valuable information to talk to my players and parents about. I have already talked to my players about ROOTS and next practice we will cover the ELM tree of mastery."
  • Mark Brown - Head Coach of the GU15 WS Blue Strikers and Assistant Coach on the GU11 WS Flames. "The PCA course contains good techniques and practical advice on motivating and developing athletes of all abilities. The sports psychology content and tools presented are useful. The information in the course is a good fit to the ideas and values that I have always tried to develop my players."
  • Bill Fry - HSA President and WSSC Board Member. "I noted several enhancements since I first took the course many years ago, and after completing the course I feel equipped and energized to become a better coach and leader. The information and examples are topical, and I know first hand that the training and tools are incredibly valuable and effective. I think this investment in our coaches can and will make a positive impact on our organization and community for many years to come - and if we commit to embrace the curriculum and the values of the PCA, we will positively impact our players for a lifetime!

Phil Jackson - President of the NY Knicks is a coach of significance! Check out this video:

Thank you for your service to our Club and Community! With your support we are are looking forward to our best season yet!

Tom Gass,

VP Coaches

Talking Points - Electronic Newsletter

Talking Points

PCA's new Talking Points is a 13-week email subscription that gives coaches key topics and points to discuss with their players during each week of the season. 

The Talking Points include a main summary of the topic, key talking points and exercises to use with your athletes, supplemental resources, and even a downloadable PDF that you can use either as your notes or to distribute to your athletes.
Talking Points follows your season - from season start and setting the right tone, through the ups-and-downs of the season and even tackles the challenges of the end-of-season issues (from making the playoffs or finishing with a disappointing record).  You tell us when your season starts and on that date we'll start your subscription.  Then topics each week include helping athletes become more coach-able, better able to recover from mistakes and more focused on helping teammates improve.
If you want to win games and help your players win in life, sign up now!


Positive Coaching Alliance

Positive Coaching Alliance is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform youth sports so all athletes have a positive, character-building experience.


Double-Goal Coach Job Description

As coaches, you determine the kind of experience our athletes have with sports. The West Seatte Soccer Club is committed to the
principles of Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). We expect you to be a Double-Goal Coach, who strives to win (one goal), while pursuing the more-important goal of teaching life lessons through sports. PCA’s DoubleGoal Coach Job Description includes:


WSSC Double-Goal Coaches!
Posted Sep 6, 2016

A huge THANK YOU to the following WSSC Coaches that have competed the Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal Coach Certification!

  1. Albright, Jennifer
  2. Azinger, Luke
  3. Barton, Bill
  4. Breske, Ryan
  5. Brown, Garnet
  6. Brown, Mark
  7. Cardinale, Doug
  8. Carroll, Jennifer
  9. Conway, Brett
  10. Craig, Jeff
  11. Doig, Shane
  12. Drucker, Samuel
  13. Fry, William
  14. Gass, Tom
  15. Glover, Darrell
  16. Karnofski, Adam
  17. Li, Edward
  18. Milanese, Marco
  19. Nelson, Jesse
  20. Posey, Timothy
  21. Russell, Jesse
  22. Szalay, Andrew
  23. Voth, Cynthia
  24. Wesley, Roger
  25. Williams, Thad
  26. Winter, Steve
  27. Gass, Tom
  28. Milanese, Marco
  29. Okell, Theresa
  30. Allan, Curtis
  31. Arnold, Sky
  32. Lewis, Kaitlan
  33. Wilson, Jay
  34. Baffney, Corrie
  35. Hinthorn, Tim
  36. Herrick, Annette
  37. Faloona, Brandon

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