Financial Aid Guidelines

West Seattle Soccer Club (WSSC) strives to offer the opportunity for all eligible players to participate in our recreational youth soccer programs regardless of financial means or limitations. Toward this end, WSSC will offer financial support based on budgeted funding to assist with player registration fees.

General Information

  • Financial Aid assistance is available for registration fees only. The member family is responsible for all other attendant costs associated with player participation.
  • Financial Aids are granted for one season only. Players with continued need must reapply each season.
  • Financial Aid assistance is awarded based on the available budget for that season.
  • Applications for Financial Aid assistance will be kept confidential.

Financial Aid Eligibility Criteria

  • Any member family currently receiving government assistance such as welfare, housing assistance, or free or reduced school lunch, may apply for Financial Aid support.
  • Any member family with an extreme financial hardship as determined by the WSSC Board

Note: WSSC may (at its sole option and discretion) require verification of government assistance and/or tax return verification of financial need to determine player qualification for Financial Aid assistance.

Financial Aid Application

  • Financial Aid applications must be made by the member family - not by an advocate.
  • Member families in need of Financial Aid assistance should request support as early as possible during the open registration period.
  • Download Financial Aid Application (Editable PDF).
To inquire about Financial Aid assistance or submit completed applications, please email us at Please include telephone contact information so that a member of the WSSC Board may call you to discuss your need and provide further instructions.

Download Financial Aid Application