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The Washington Youth Soccer Player and Coaches Membership Pass

What is a membership pass/player card? The Washington Youth Soccer/US Youth Soccer
membership pass, formally know as the player card, denotes that you are a member of the largest
youth sporting organization in the United States and a member of "The World Game." The "Pass"
entitles you to participate in sanctioned Washington Youth Soccer and US Youth Soccer Leagues,
State Cups and Summer Tournaments.

As an adult team staff member, the "Pass" indicates that you have passed the Washington Youth
Soccer Risk Management Acceptance Program. The "Pass" will provide proof that all of your players
are properly registered and are age appropriate. You may obtain a membership pass from your
Association Registrar.

To be valid, a membership pass/player card must have a current photo of the player, be signed by
the player and be laminated. Membership pass/player cards are valid for the entire seasonal year
from September 1, 2008 to August 31, 2009 and will be used for participation in league play, state
cup and summer tournaments.

All coaches and team members are REQUIRED to have membership passes for the Fred Meyer
Commissioners’ Cup, Washington Youth Soccer Challenge Cup and the US Youth Soccer Washington
State Championships Tournament. Each membership pass MUST be specific to the team the
member is participating in during the cup.

Teams needing new passes for coaches or players or corrections made to their passes must contact
their Association Registrars for assistance.

How to Prepare your Membership Passes

1. Verify that all information on the front of the pass is correct Legal names must be used
2. Paste 1” x1” current, identifiable picture of individual named on the pass to the backside
where it says "Attach Photo Here"
3. Sign your name on the backside of card where it says "Member sign here " This must be
the individual whose name appears on the pass. No one may sign for them.
4. Laminate card- *REQUIRED
5. Attach all the passes, both coaches and players, on an "O" ring so they can be kept
together and handled easily by the referee.

Download Membership Pass Information (PDF)