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Parents and Players

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Be a Role Model!

We expect WSSC Coaches, Players, and Supporters to exhibit the best sportsmanship! This includes all facets of the game from sharing practice space, to graceful winning and losing, to good stewardship of the fields and equipment. Do not speak ill of the other coaches, players or referees. To commend a WSSC Coach, Player, or Supporter for great performance -- or report when one of our own falls short of our standards, please contact us at wsscboard@gmail.com.

Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports

Visit the CDC website for outstanding resources concerning concussions and youth sports.

Stop Sports Injuries!

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and the fastest growing team sport in the United States.

Although soccer provides an enjoyable form of aerobic exercise and helps develop balance, agility, coordination, and a sense of teamwork, soccer players must be aware of the risks for injury.

Injury prevention, early detection, and treatment can keep kids and adults on the field long-term.

  • What are some common soccer injuries and their symptoms?
  • What are some common soccer injuries
  • How are soccer injuries treated?
  • How can soccer injuries be prevented?

Visit the Stop Sports Injuries website for answers to these and other questions!


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Thank Your Coach!

Please join us in thanking over 300 Volunteers that have registered to serve with us during the 2013 Fall Season!  Our programs could not exist without their outstanding leadership and selfless service!

Holden and Kasey Keller

Sounders FC legend, Kasey Keller, took time to sign autographs and pose for pictures during his recent visit to the QFC in West Seattle.  Thanks Kasey, Sounders FC, and QFC for making wishes come true!