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Entering a tournament or jamboree

Please review the Tournament Guidelines page to enter your team in a tournament or jamboree.

Note: the process differs to enter the WYS Rec Cup and Founders Cup, as well as the SYSA City Tournament and Jamboree. Please scroll down this page for guidance or contact the WSSC Board at wsscboard@gmail.com

2013 SYSA City Tournament

SYSA City Tournament


Here are some highlights concerning the All City Tournament:

  • It is a double elimination tournament (each team is guaranteed at least 2 games).
  • Games begin the week after Thanksgiving and continue until mid December (depending on how far a team advances).
  • Games may be played on any day of the week-there will probably be some week night games-make sure you families are "on board" for possible week night games.
  • You will be playing teams from any of the other 13 soccer clubs that make up SYSA; travel will only be within the Seattle City limits.
  • All divisions (Gold, Silver, Bronze) will be competing in the same bracket.
  • WSSC will cover the entry fee for your team!

WSSC teams (22) entered in the 2013 City Tournament

Team ID Team Name Gender Age
305152597 WS Wildcats '02 - Burgess M U-11
305152797 WS Panthers '01 - McCaffrey/Lange F U-12
305152194 WS United '01 - Stanley-Jones F U-12
305152602 WS Valkyries '01 - Persson F U-12
305152284 WS Fireballs FC '01 - Hinthorn M U-12
305152457 WS Mini Barcelona '01 - Sanchez/Garcia M U-12
305152360 WS Thunderhawks '01 - Jones M U-12
305152619 WS Tigersharks '01 - Beck M U-12
305152283 WS Almighty Tigers '00 - Vasquez F U-13
305152104 WS Streak '00 - White F U-13
305152290 WS Lizards '00 - Flack M U-13
305152972 WS Predators '00 - Pimblett/West M U-13
305152229 WS Stealth '00 - Brown/Sipila M U-13
305152390 WS Thunderbolts '00 - Leinbach M U-13
305152236 WS Crush '99 - Livingston F U-14
305152083 WS Storm '99 - Cameron/Langworthy F U-14
305152202 WS Shock '99 - Day M U-14
305152064 WS Inferno '97 - Hinthorn F U-16
305152040 WS Barca '97 - Gass M U-16
305152072 WS Force '96 - Postel M U-17
305152067 WS Kickers '96 - Gaskin M U-17
305152101 WS Reign '96 - Foulk F U-18
305152028 WS Flames '95 - Orint M U-18
2013-2014 State Cup Tournaments

2013-2014 State Cup Tournaments

  • Sports Authority WA Youth Soccer Recreational Cup -- view rules here.
    • Timeframe: starts in late October and ends by mid-December
    • Entry deadline is October 4
    • To enter, send a message to wsscboard@gmail.com
    • More tournament info is posted on District 3 website.
  • Chipotle WA Youth Soccer Founders Founders Cup -- view rules here.
    • Timeframe: starts in mid-December and ends in early February

November 12, 2013 Update

  • Congratulations to the BU-11 Titans who advanced to the District 3 Rec Cup finals! Their next game is Sunday, Nov. 17 at noon, Karl Grosch 1 Field, Federal Way. View game schedule on the District 3 website.
  • The GU-18 Reign advanced to the State quarter-finals as a District 3 wild card. Their next game will be played in West Seattle on Sunday Dec. 8th (venue and time TBD).
2013 Founders Cup

Founders Cup Overview

Congratulations to the WS Jets BU-15 for advancing to the semi-finals!

Come cheer them on at Starfire this weekend! View the tournament bracket HERE.

BU-17 Semi-Finals
Saturday, February 2
WS Jets 97 vs Kent United B97 Green
Time: 12:30 PM
Location: Starfire Sports Complex
Field: 1

BU-17 Finals
Sunday, February 3
Time: 11:15 AM
Field: 2

WSSC teams entered

2012 Recreational Cup State Tournament

Rec Cup Overview

Good luck to the WSSC teams entered in the 2012 Recreational Cup tournament, Washington Youth Soccer's State Championship Tournament for Recreational soccer teams.


9/23 - Registration Opens
10/6 - Registration Closes
10/20-21, 10/27-28, 11/3-4 - Preliminary Games (home team hosts)
11/10-11 - District makeup weekend (home team hosts)
11/17-18 - District Finals (DIII hosts) - U11 (Gig Harbor), Girls (Federal Way), Boys (Valley Ridge)
12/1-2 - state quarter finals (home team hosts)
12/8 - U11-U14 - state semis/finals (Starfire)
12/9 - U15-U18 - state semis/finals (Starfire)

State Quarter-Finals

Congratulations to the four WSSC teams advancing to the quarter-finals (view full schedule).

  • BU-11 WS Thunderhawks vs VW Cobras (QF2), 1-Dec, 11:00 AM, Luke Jensen Sports Complex
  • BU-11 WS Titans vs OUSC Sharks (QF4), 2-Dec, 3 PM, Walt Hundley Playfield
  • GU-11 WS En Fuego vs R '01 Spirit (QF1), 1-Dec, 1:00 PM, Woodinville Sports Field #2
  • BU-12 WS Panthers vs HYSC Harbor Hooligans (QF2), 2-Dec, 11 AM, Hiawatha Play Field

District 3 Semi-Finals and Finals

Nov. 18 Update: the following teams have advanced to the District 3 Finals!

  • BU-11 WS Thunderhawks '01 and WS Westside Titans '01, 1:30pm, Harbor Ridge MS
  • GU-11 WS En Fuego '01, 11:30am, Harbor Ridge MS
  • BU-12 WS Panthers '00, 9am, Valley Ridge #1


Congratulations to the following WSSC teams advancing in the State Recreational Cup.

GU-11 WS En Fuego '01 vs Nortac Comets, Nov. 17, Harbor Ridge Middle School (MS) 12:00 PM
BU-11 WS Thunderhawks '01 vs FWFC B01 Falconz, Nov. 17, Harbor Ridge MS, 10:30 AM
BU-11 WS Kickin Tigers '01 vs WS Westside Titans '01, Nov. 17, Harbor Ridge MS, 1:30 PM
Winners go to Finals at Harbor Ridge MS. 11:30am (Girls U-11), 1:30pm (Boys U-11)
View U-11 schedule and venue directions.

BU-12 WS Goal Blasters '00 vs PSC Wolverines, Nov. 17, Valley Ridge #2 - 9:00 AM
BU-12 WS Panthers '00 vs RSA SHSC Strikers, Nov. 17, Valley Ridge #1 - 11:30 AM
Winner goes to Final at Valley Ridge #1 Nov 18th 9:00 AM
View Boys schedule and venue directions.

GU-14 WS Scorpions '98 vs Cheetahs, Nov. 17, Saghalie, 11:00 AM
Winner goes to Final at Federal Way Memorial Stadium Nov 18th 2:00 PM
View Girls schedule and venue directions.

BU-15 WS Crushers '97 vs AYSA BU15 Russell, Nov. 17, Valley Ridge #1 - 1:30 PM
Winner goes to Final at Valley Ridge #1 Nov 18th 11:00 AM
View Boys schedule and venue directions.

District 3 Preliminary Round

The District 3 Preliminary Round consists of two or three games. Home games are listed below. For away games, please contact your opposing team coach.

Game Date Division Home Field Game Time Home Team Coach Last Name Visiting Team
20-Oct B15D1 Hiawatha 12:00 PM WS Crushers '97 Bonaci PSC Thunder
21-Oct B11D1 Walt Hundley 12:00 PM WS Westside Titans '01 Lapchis WS Thunderhawks '01
21-Oct B11D2 Walt Hundley 1:30 PM WS Kickin Tigers '01 Beck FME Shockwave
21-Oct G13D1 Delridge South 1:00 PM WS Hot Tamales '99 Hewson FME Cosmos
21-Oct G14D2 Delridge North 3:00 PM WS Scorpions '98 Ferraro Rugrats
21-Oct B16D1 Delridge South 3:00 PM WS Force '96 Johnson RSA SHSC Riptide
28-Oct G11D1 Walt Hundley 12:00 PM WS Valkyries '01 Persson FWFC G01 Fireballs
28-Oct G11D2 Walt Hundley 1:30 PM WS En Fuego '01 Woodward FME Krazy Kleats
28-Oct B11D1 Walt Hundley 3:00 PM WS Thunderhawks '01 Jones Barracudas
28-Oct B12D2 Sealth 4:30 PM WS Goal Blasters '00 Eastey FWFC B00 Sharks
28-Oct B12D1 Delridge South 4:30 PM WS Panthers '00 Suzuki FWFC B00 Thunder
28-Oct G13D1 Sealth 11:30 AM WS Hot Tamales '99 Hewson Harbor Hawks
28-Oct G14D1 Delridge South 3:00 PM WS Seagulls '98 McCann FWFC G98 Bui
28-Oct B17D1 Delridge North 3:00 PM WS Flames '95 Orint
4-Nov B15D1 Delridge South 3:00 PM WH Inferno Berge Whitecaps

WSSC Teams Entered

Team # Age Group Team Name Coach Contact email
3-05-152-619 BU-11 WS Kickin Tigers '01 Norm Beck norm@rare-llc.com
3-05-152-786 BU-11 WS Westside Titans '01 Dennis Lapchis dennis@lapchis.com
3-05-152-360 BU-11 WS Thunderhawks '01 Scott Jones sjdktnt@yahoo.com
3-05-152-414 GU-11 WS En Fuego '01 Jason Woodward jjwoodward1@msn.com
3-05-152-602 GU-11 WS Valkyries '01 Stefan Persson stefan_lisa@msn.com
3-05-152-280 BU-12 WS Goal Blasters '00 Peter Eastey the_joker_clown@yahoo.com
3-05-152-416 BU-12 WS Panthers '00 David Suzuki dsuzuki@bio-therapeutic.com
3-05-152-083 GU-13 WS Hot Tamales '99 Ed Hewson ed@paragonrea.com
3-05-152-385 GU-14 WS Seagulls '98 Marc McCann mccann.family@comcast.net
3-05-152-595 GU-14 WS Scorpions '98 Tony Ferraro t.ferraro@comcast.net
3-05-152-040 BU-15 WS Crushers '97 Brent Bonaci bbonaci@u.washington.edu
3-05-152-072 BU-16 WS Force '96 Wayne Johnson waynej06@comcast.net
3-05-152-028 BU-17 WS Flames '95 Neil Orint neilorint@hotmail.com
Tournament Info

Tournaments sanctioned by Washington Youth Soccer are posted HERE.

Trophy Room

The Trophy Room recognizes WSSC team accomplishments during tournament play.