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Individual Picture Options
Parents may pre order picture packages for their player by clicking on READ MORE below.

Parent Pre-Ordering – See Below

Picture Days: #1) Saturday, September 21st, and #2) Sunday, September 22nd at the Hamilton Viewpoint Park in West Seattle.  


Please confirm the Picture Day and Time with your Player's Coach!

Parent Pre-Ordering – Both Days (September 21 or 22)
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Parents may order online until 7am on the 22nd


2019 Team Picture Day Instructions

Team and Individual Pictures by Legend's Sports Photography

Picture Day #1 - Saturday, September 21
Picture Day #2 - Sunday, September 22
Location: Hamilton Viewpoint Park
1531 California Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Instructions for Coach or Team Manager ONLY
Please select a picture day and time for your team by
clicking on the appropriate date using the link below.

Online Scheduling is first come, first served.

Questions, call Mike @ Legends 253.838.7787

Picture Day #1: Saturday, September 21st
Preferred Date for Teams that Play Games on Saturdays

Picture Day #2: Sunday, Sept 22nd
Preferred Date for Teams that Play Games on Sundays

Coach or Team Manager's ONLY
To Schedule a Date and Time for Your Team's Pictures
Please Copy & Paste or Type Link below into your Browser Window:


  • Please hand out ORDER ENVELOPES 7 DAYS PRIOR to Picture Day.
  • Line up your team SHORTEST to TALLEST, 15 MINUTES BEFORE your team's picture time.
  • EACH INDIVIDUAL MUST HAVE OWN ORDER ENVELOPE.The player's order MUST BE FILLED OUT BEFORE pictures can be taken. Not being ready will cause delays for everyone involved. PLEASE ask parents to have their child's ORDER READY BEFORE YOUR ASSIGNED PICTURE TIME.
  • Pictures for your team will take 7-10 minutes.

Your Group's Photo Coordinator is: Bill Fry

If you want to Legends to schedule your team or have any questions about pictures, please contact LEGENDS PHOTOGRAPHY
Mike @ Legends 253.838.7787

Pictures will be returned to the Coach - about 15 days after Picture Day

Each Team will receive the following* compliments of Legend's Photography

1 *8X10 Team Plaque for Head Coach
2 * 5x7 Team Photos

Classic Team Picture Day Memory

Coaches ONLY Link

Picture Days 1 and 2 (September 21 or 22) Instructions for Coach or Team Manager ONLY
Please click on READ MORE below to schedule a picture date and time for your team. 

Once you have scheduled a time, please inform your team families and direct them to the online order form for Parents.

Coach - Scheduling your team
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Please select only one date & time for each team