Posted Feb 1, 2018

2018 Cleat Exchange was a Success! 2019 Cleat Exchange info to be posted soon!

Cleat Exchange - Spring 2018 Open Garage Date!

Exchange your outgrown cleats for a larger pair!

The West Seattle Cleat Exchange will be hosting an "open garage date" in advance of our 2018 Spring Season. If last season's cleats are a bit too tight please visit the Cleat Exchange and exchange them for a larger pair. All the important details are published below. Please help us spread the news!

Who: Cleat Exchange for WSSC Members; hosted by Louise Peterson and Alli & Ben Lapchis
What: Open garage time to pick up, donate or exchange cleats
Where: 3303 49th Ave SW, please come to driveway/garage on south side of house
When: Saturday, March 31st... 9:00am - 2:00pm

Please email questions to

Cleat Exchange Program Update - Thanks, Louise, Alli, and Ben!!

Here's a brief update and some further info on the Cleat Exchange.

The program started at the beginning of the 2011 Spring season... this is the 14th season exchanging cleats.  To date over 2,500 pairs of cleats have been received/donated.  

Thanks Louise, Alli, and Ben for running this very successful program, which is benefiting many of our members... great work!

WSSC Cleat Exchange - Protect the planet, rescue your wallet, and share your shoes!

WSSC has started the Cleat Exchange. This is a great program that offers WSSC families an opportunity to exchange out-grown cleats for a larger size. This exchange program is available to anyone who would like to participate and will work best if families are able to make exchanges. However, it is not limited to families who can exchange shoes. It is our hope to be able to gift shoes to anyone who needs them.

Coaches - how can you help? Please help spread the word to your team families.

For more information - please contact us at Shoe donations can be dropped off on our front porch; 3303 49th Ave SW.

All the best,
Louise Peterson and Alli & Ben Lapchis

Please keep these tips in mind

We accept all well-loved, well-worn soccer cleats. However please keep these tips in mind…

  • Dirty is ok. Muddy is…well, muddy…so please clean before donating.
  • Worn is fine. Holey is not.
  • And stinky…urgh, sometimes there is nothing to be done…sorry.
  • Please no baseball cleats.